Hi, I'm Kate Cashman.

I started The Breath Between to help teach people about the importance of rest and renewal. The world is busy. We are all SO busy. But there is so much beauty, joy and renewal in the spaces between the 'busyness'.

I am on a mission to help busy professionals find the time, this space and strategies to bring them rest and renewal in their busy lives.

Do you want to feel truly relaxed, ready to show up in your life feeling energized and rejuvenated?

Let me share with you how to get there.

You want space.

You want time.

You want energy, you want to breathe,

you want life to just slow down.

I know the feeling, because that’s me too.


What do I know about rest and renewal?


I have always been a chronic overachiever; in school, work and life I have ‘burnt the candle at both ends’ since I was a kid. I have earned some achievements that I’m very proud of, but a couple of years ago I found myself exhausted, stressed and just totally overwhelmed. I’d lost myself and found I didn’t have a sense of purpose beyond my work and study. I no longer felt the passion for life that I’d always had before - the primary feeling I had was anxiety. I hadn’t even STARTED my graduate law job and already I was burnt out. Does that feeling of anxiety, perfectionism and overwhelm sound familiar to you too?

Something needed to change. And fast.

I made it alive through my doctoral studies and had two beautiful children along the way, but what this level of hectic did to my stress levels, sleep and social life was nothing short of a disaster.

A small car accident was the turning point for change and gave me a much needed dose of perspective. I needed to slow down, breathe more deeply and I needed to find the energy I knew was somewhere inside me – just buried under years of over-use.  

Slowly, slowly, the fog lifted and the calm returned. I learned amazing lessons on the way, began my coaching certification at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, started seeing clients and entered a whole new world of rest and renewal for myself – and now I find passion and freedom in helping others find that world too.

What I found is that I do have the space and time I need to feel renewed and refreshed by my life. But I have to do it around my other commitments – work, life and family. Not to mention having FUN!

The world has enough stress and anxiety – it won’t miss you stepping away for short periods of time so that you can feel human again. Time to breathe, to allow you to feel in control and passionate about things other than The Great Overwhelm.



Kate Cashman from The Breath Between is a rest and renewal coach, author and speaker.

With a background in legal academia and a soon-to be PhD in evidence law and forensic criminology, Kate finds balance and passion in teaching, research, writing and coaching. As a coach, Kate is a multi-passionate professional who uses her legal, management, research and coaching qualifications, together with her personal experience, to help busy professionals live balanced and holistic lives.

Blending practical and proven frameworks with realistic action, Kate’s work leaves her clients feeling rested, renewed and re-energised in all four dimensions of engagement - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, leaving her clients with greater purpose, passion and joy for their life outside of work.

Kate is available for:
+ 1:1 and group coaching
+ Corporate workshops
+ Event facilitation
+ Speaking and guest presentations

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Kate Cashman

Do you wake up each day feeling rested, renewed and re-energised? Or are you like I was - stressed, overtired and overwhelmed?

When you are a busy professional, you juggle a number of high priorities in your life. Now more than ever we need to find ways to reconnect with ourselves and SLOW DOWN. Not just for our sanity, but our health as well.

So are you ready to get rid of the tiredness, pressure and dis-connectedness, and begin to feel truly rested and renewed in your life? Ready to get back the passion for all the incredible things that you do outside of work?

Let’s do this.

Let’s slow down together.

Kate xxx