Does this sound like you?

·   You are constantly being thanked by people for helping them

·      You love to support people to create change, feel amazing and shine

·      You’ve not so secretly been following amazing life coaches and wishing you could do the same

·      You want to expand your service based business to create more income, make money out of your beautiful blog, or change career direction all together

·      You long to create a business where you get to set your own hours and do what you’re most passionate about

·      You are searching for an incredible tribe of inspirational people to form amazing connections with

·      You have been thinking about becoming a life coach but haven’t found the heart-centered course that is right for you.

You are absolutely in the right place.

Beautiful You Coaching Academy Awards 2018 with all the award winners. Photo  Fi Mims Photography .

Beautiful You Coaching Academy Awards 2018 with all the award winners. Photo Fi Mims Photography.


What is life coaching all about?

Being a life coach is about supporting people to make meaningful change in their lives. Change that inspires people to follow their dream career path, improve their health and wellbeing, release their fears and embrace their creativity, spirituality and highest self, improve their self-confidence and self-love, and become the person they most want to be. It is privileged, beautiful and life affirming work. And the BYCA is there to help you create that work firstly for yourself, and then for your clients.

Life coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the world. As a life coach your capacity to guide people to their best life is limitless and with the right training, support and tapping into your own unique and special gifts, you can build a thriving and successful business as a life coach working one on one with clients from all over the world, running workshops, delivering e-courses and speaking to audiences about things you are most passionate about.

Inspiration Day. Photo  Fi Mims Photography .

Inspiration Day. Photo Fi Mims Photography.


My Beautiful You Coaching Story


In 2016, I became a Beautiful You coach.

I had NEVER done anything like the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course before and I didn't even know that I was looking for something else - until I found it. The Beautiful You website. I was on maternity leave with my second child, I was at the end of writing my PhD in law and I had a career that I loved lecturing law students waiting for me when I returned to work. I had never even thought of pursuing a career as a coach

If I was honest with myself though - in those moments when all else was quiet or I really tuned in to what my body and soul was telling me - I was exhausted and desperately looking for inspiration. Looking for ways I could live my dream life every day and fit it around my family and all the other fabulous things that I enjoyed doing, but was always too tired or too 'busy' to do.    

It was a big commitment - financially, emotionally and as someone who had always gone down a fairly traditional path, it was a HUUUUUUGGGGE shift for my 'academic ego' to try and manage. My academic brain said 'no one will take you seriously' and 'have you gone mad - you'll be Dr Cashman soon and now a coaching course?' 

Despite the sleep deprivation, the small children, the (now completed!) PhD, the world of academia marching closer again and a terrible case of imposter syndrome, I listened to my heart. It said 'try it, what's the worst that can happen?' My soul responded with 'this may be just what you've been looking for.'

Without a doubt it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I won the Beautiful You Emerging Coach of the Year Award of 2017-2018 and it helped me to realise the power of deciding to launch myself into the world in this way. The course was all heart, all soul - it asked questions that I hadn't ever considered for myself, but I needed to. It was so unique in the world of coaching courses (and I was a researcher for a living - I checked!) and I knew it was a match for how I wanted to feel and make others feel too. I knew that I wanted - no - I NEEDED to become a certified Beautiful You Life Coach

I finished the course with a beautiful website, an incredible sisterhood of like-minded and inspiring women and paying clients. The academic in me loved that I had learnt not only a practical coaching methodology, but one steeped in the academic research in this area (tick!). I had learnt how to build an amazing business, how to serve my ideal clients and how to grow my coaching offerings to offer a truly international business. I was living my dream life and I was helping others move closer to living theirs. I became an award winning coach less than two years later - all because of where I had started at Beautiful You.

Want to know more about BYCA?

The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is a six month intensive learning experience that teaches people how to become a heart-centred life coach and build a thriving life coaching practice. The course has a focus on supporting new life coaches to help their clients make personal achievements in areas such as their self-development, relationships, career, creativity, finances, health and more. Trainees are taught a comprehensive coaching model and way of working with clients that goes beyond simple goal setting. While goals are an important part of the coaching series, the Beautiful You Life Coaching way of working with clients has a focus on the ‘self’ whereby how a client truly wants to feel every day in their life plays a central role in the coaching series in support of building their level of self-care, self-love, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-compassion. The course also has an intense focus on supporting trainees to build a thriving and successful life coaching practice with education in things such as authentic client attraction, online presence, public speaking and more. Every trainee has the option to be matched with a fellow trainee to coach and be coached throughout the course and all trainees are supported to start working with clients of their own from Module 4-6. 


The BYCA is for you if...

·       You are genuine about becoming an incredible life coach and building a life coaching business

·       You know that your journey to becoming a life coach is going to be one that takes time, commitment and concerted effort

·       You ONLY want to work with people in a way that allows them to reach deeper levels of self-awareness and consciousness that stays with them long after your coaching series ends

·       You have an open mind and willing heart to learn new things, regardless of any other degrees and qualifications you may have

·       You are already a heart centred person who is not afraid to talk about emotions, fears, vulnerability and self care or is willing to learn how to do so

·       You are willing, ready and able to dedicate yourself to the study required to become a great life coach.

·       You are not here for an easy ride. You are here to be the best coach you can be.

Winning Emerging Coach of the Year for 2017-2018 for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy has been a highlight. Here with Founder, Julie Parker.

Winning Emerging Coach of the Year for 2017-2018 for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy has been a highlight. Here with Founder, Julie Parker.


My Beautiful You coach affiliate offer and bonuses

As a certified Beautiful You life coach and proud affiliate I would love to offer those who also wish to study this life-changing course the following bonuses - the series will count towards your own certification in the BYCA course: 


  • Free 30 minute Skype call to answer any questions you might have about the BYCA course and to share my incredible and life changing journey - this is especially great if you're not sure but are intrigued to know more!


  • A three month 'Renewal' coaching package for only $300 (saving of $1000). This contributes to your certification. More information found on my coaching page.

    • Pre-coaching questionnaire

    • 6 x 60 minute 1 on 1 Skype sessions (fortnightly)

    • Worksheets and journal prompts

    • Personal website & full email support between sessions