Speaking & Workshops Praise

  • Kate is an engaging speaker with an important message for people of all ages and stages. A consummate professional, Kate weaves parts of her own story together with evidence-based theory to highlight the importance of her message. Far from leaving audiences with a head full of facts and figures Kate also incorporates plenty of practical tips and actions to help attendees implement rest and renewal strategies into their busy lives. Whether you are organising a corporate event, team building, mums workshop or lifestyle event Kate can seamlessly tailor her message to suit each audience. I would not hesitate to recommend Kate as a speaker at your next event.
    — Jade McKenzie, Event Head | www.eventhead.com.au
  • The MyState Limited Audrey Harrington Women in Leadership Group invited Kate to run a workshop with members of the group to work on personal development - but with a twist. Many of our participants up until that point had been feeling that they were stretching themselves too thinly and trying to be everything to everyone all of the time. Kate transformed the group’s way of thinking by assisting individuals to take a more focused approach and giving them permission to consider their own needs and objectives for future development rather adopting a broad approach. Feedback from the group on the workshop has since indicated that the work done by people in the group has transcended into everything they do in their everyday life. Kate was focused and confident in her approach and she left the group feeling empowered and invigorated. MyState Limited looks forward to working with Kate more in the future.
    — Jessica Kingston, General Manager Human Resources & Property & Chairperson - Audrey Harrington Women in Leadership Group, MyState Ltd
  • Kate was the obvious choice for us as a speaker to help our League of Extraordinary Women members learn about how to best find balance in their busy lives. She was brilliant at helping equip every woman who attended with the right tools to begin balancing their life between work, family and personal time as soon as they walked out the door from the event. Kate taught me how I can begin to have more of a work/life balance but in a realistic way for my busy life. There were so many take home messages for me and the audience were left incredibly inspired to put all they had learnt into action.
    — Hannah Radcliffe, Francesca Collections Jewellery & League of Extraordinary Women (Hobart)| www.francesca.com.au
  • I invited Kate to be a speaker at one of my women’s events in 2016. Her speech was enthralling and empowering, and in a room of 40 females there was not one person untouched by her message of rest, renewal and living a full and energised life. Kate was prepared and captivated the entire audience. If you are looking for a holistic, engaging speaker to really light up your room and tap into the personal development of your audience, Kate is the speaker for you.
    — Kirri-Lee Brazendale, Military Mumma | www.militarymumma.com.au
  • Kate presented as a speaker to assist young women in a key point in their adolescence. She helped empower young students to learn about themselves and their passions and how to use these ideas to inform their life choices, goals, dreams and potential career paths. She was a refreshing new perspective for these students to help feel equipped to cope with the many decisions being faced at that particular point in their education. Kate taught the girls that happiness, wellbeing and balance can be achieved in multiple ways with multiple pathways and many possible outcomes. There was a lot that Kate gave to the students (and staff) and the girls were left feeling better prepared for their final years at school.
    — Lisa Seddon, Secondary Teacher
  • How many of us go through life putting one foot in front of the other just to get through the day? I was lucky enough to attend the first of the Body Mind and Business workshops in Hobart and was blown away by the group of strong, educated and passionate women that Kate and her co-host Lauren brought together for the day. Change starts with you, and change is inevitable after walking away from this event. I left feeling uplifted and driven. The level of dedication and enthusiasm that Kate demonstrated in her organisation of the event and in hosting workshops and speaking was a testament to her passion for bringing like-minded people together in a nurturing, supportive and healthy community. This girl gets what women want! I can’t wait to attend again.
    — Abbey McMahon, Registered Nurse & Yoga Instructor
  • A friend invited me to go to the Body Mind and Business workshop with her, and as a mum of two little babes I went along hopeful for nothing more than a few hours of ‘me’ time. I certainly didn’t expect the richly rewarding experience I feel privileged to have enjoyed that day! My eyes were opened to a community of supportive, generous, like-minded women that I had no idea existed. Kate and her co-host Lauren brought us together and I learnt so much from the other women there too. Through the workshops I was able to acknowledge my yearning to change direction professionally, and set goals and a plan to make this happen. I went home feeling inspired, motivated, courageous and fulfilled. I have attended three BMB events thus far and they have all been different, all been inspiring and all been so valuable to me personally. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the next one.
    — Erin van Nieuwkuyk, Arbonne Independent Consultant