Ready to wake up feeling rested and full of energy?

Want to feel truly rejuvenated every day?

Dream of feeling renewed by your life?

I can help you get there.

You don’t have to leave your job, run away from life or take week long yoga retreats to feel restored every single day (unless of course, you really want to do those things, in which case - I can fully support that having done all of those and more!).

What I want you to know is that you CAN feel rested, energetic, rejuvenated and renewed by your life right here, right now.

I am here to support you in that journey.

Every step of the way.


Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a fantastic life, but you are busy. So incredibly busy. How did you get so busy?!

  • You can’t remember when you last felt well rested, had enough sleep or did things outside of work for no other reason than you loved doing them.

  • You’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel that every day is full of possibility, and instead feel like every day is a bit of a grind.

  • You go away on holiday and return, wishing that you could recapture that feeling every single day.

  • You know there is inspiration in the world, you just don’t know how to find it anymore. Or perhaps you would like to feel inspired in different ways?

  • You may know that you have beliefs that have built up over time that don’t feel good, and they certainly don’t serve you - but you don’t know how to shift them.

This is where I come in.   

How do you want to feel?

  • You are ready to wake up with energy – not worrying about how little sleep you had.

  • You want to go to bed feeling accomplished and peaceful – not anxious over how little of your to-do list you managed to get through.

  • You are ready to live with more purpose – whether feeling satisfied with what you achieved in your day, finding ways to help you take small, restorative breaks or finding projects and interests outside of work that make you feel truly alive and re-energised.

  • You are ready to shift the focus back to yourself and what YOU need to feel sane and in control of your life.

  • You’re ready to stop feeling like you can’t breathe and are being suffocated by stress and negative emotions.

  • You want to channel the feeling of calm that you get on holidays – but have it every day of your busy life.


You are ready for change.  


I want you to be able to live your busy, fabulous life but feel rested, renewed and rejuvenated at the same time.

I can take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

What is a rest and renewal coach?

As a rest and renewal coach I am here to help you rediscover the wonder and magic that is already within you - all of which can help you give yourself permission to feel more rested and renewed by and for your life.

I draw on my coaching, meditation and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner (NLP) training to help you find actionable strategies and tools to help you live that life.

As well as being a coach I can also wear any number of the following hats:

* an accountability partner *

* a sounding board for your ideas and inklings *

* a cheerleader and support person to help you step out and achieve inspirational goals *

* someone to keep you on track for achieving the things most important to you *

* someone to help you learn about meditation and design a personal practice *

* someone who helps unearth limiting beliefs and helps you banish them - forever *

What would it mean for you to feel more rested?

To feel free of those self-limiting beliefs that hold you back in your every day life, your relationships and your work?

To establish a wonderful meditation practice that gives you time, space and energy to feel renewed?

Coaching draws on a number of disciplines including psychology, sociology, social work, personal development and career development to help you create change in your life. It takes you from wherever you are to wherever you want to be – and gives you structured support along the way. You set actions each session and I will lovingly guide you towards the goals we set together at the beginning of our series. I’ll ‘show up’ for you, but most importantly, coaching allows you to ‘show up’ for yourself.  


What would I know?

I know what it feels like to burn the candle at both ends, to take work home and feel unable to switch off. To have forgotten what you truly love to do in the time outside of your working life, and when you do remember, not feeling like you have the time to make it happen.

I used to wake up every morning wishing I’d had more sleep and I went to bed every night wishing I’d ticked more off my to-do list. I loved what I did for work, but it didn’t fulfill every aspect of who I was – I knew there was more out there for me to enjoy.

The problem was I was too stressed, anxious and overwhelmed to find out what that was.

I knew I had to do something I’d never done, in order to live a life that I’d never lived before.

One where I could fit it ALL in – the work, the social life, the family and friends, the activities outside of work. I KNEW that was possible. I’m telling you right now

IT IS!! 

After putting aside time to focus on myself and to slow down,

after working with a coach, and NLP practitioner before qualifying in both areas myself,

after putting into practice the strategies I had learned –

well that’s where and when the magic happened.

More alignment.

More enjoyment.

More rest and renewal but still engaged and energised.

How can you work with me?

As a coach, meditation teacher and NLP practitioner, I use a combination of two hour intensive sessions and/or a choice between a base or premium coaching series to help you move forward in ways that are personal to you, and you alone.

Together we explore whether a two hour intensive or combination of that and coaching/NLP is what will help you in moving forward . I have a base coaching package and a premium offering that I can design exclusively for you and what would serve you most highly:


Two hour intensives

Develop your meditation practice
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

These two hour, deep diving sessions are for you if you're looking to create or develop more deeply into a personal meditation practice under the guidance of a trained meditation teacher, or understand yourself and the various ways you interpret the world and communicate with others through near-linguistic programming .

Maybe you've been feeling like you want to try meditation but you never feel like you’re ‘doing it right’ (heads up - there is NO such thing as the ‘right way’, so perfectionism can be left at the door!). Could you use the support of someone in creating a regular practice and dive into personalised meditations, created just for you?

Perhaps you get a feeling that there are blockages in your life, work or relationships and you just can’t understand how to move past them. Or maybe you want to truly up level your life and performance in a particular area - sport, business, life - and know that you want to challenge that internal monologue that isn’t supporting your growth in those ways.

You will receive:

Pre-coaching questionnaire 

To help you really clarify what’s important to you before our session

1 x 120 minute 1 on 1 Skype session 

We will dig deep and create a personalised meditation practice, or explore appropriate NLP strategies and tools to create instant shifts in your life.

1 x follow up email

Ask questions, set new intentions, discuss any concerns or struggles you might be having, and set yourself some new intentions - after all, if you say it aloud (or in this case, type it!) it makes it more real.

The time has come to go ALL IN.

Starts at $300

The Renewal Series

This 90-day coaching series will explore your intentions and set actions and find strategies to build rest and renewal into your daily life - but with coaching, space and support from me so you can get the balance right for YOU and your busy life. 

You will receive:

Pre-coaching questionnaire

To help you really clarify what’s important to you before our series begins

6 x 60 minute 1 on 1 Skype sessions

We set inspired and positive goals and create a road map over the 6 sessions where you have structured support and are in action towards the way you want to truly feel.

Worksheets and journal prompts

If you are working on an area that can be helped with any of my worksheets, they are all yours!

Asana support

To track all of your goals and action steps set during our sessions

Unlimited Voxer (voice memo) support 

This is used between sessions to share updates, wins, challenges and for me to ask questions to propel you forward.

* The Renewal Series is also available for a 6 or 9 month transformation *

Prices begin $1320 or $440 per month

Premium Renewal Series

This premium coaching series will combine the Renewal series coaching as above, but with added offerings in the form of personalised and guided meditation practice and support and/or deep-diving NLP transformation. This will be very personal - and developed exclusively for you in terms of time, modalities and how often we meet. It may include weekly or fortnightly sessions and a mix of online and in person work (depending on your location).

* I have limited spaces for this offering and am currently waitlisting clients to begin in March 2019 *

Prices begin $2000

Book a complimentary consultation with me – there is absolutely no obligation on your part. We can talk about how you feel - even if you are not sure what might best be of service for you. You meet me, I meet you = us getting an understanding of if and how we can work together.

At the very least you'll walk away knowing a bit more about yourself, what you want for you life and how you might be able to move towards feeling more rested or renewed by your life. 

Before I began coaching with Kate I was feeling disconnected, uninspired and like I was ‘moving through the motions’ with work and my young family. Coaching with Kate helped pave the way for more meaningful and deep connection in my relationship and it’s given me new and fun ways to interact with my children. I’ve developed a practice that allows me to feel more balanced, connected, strong, supported, excited, inspired and grateful on a daily basis.
— Luarna French
Luarna French
Before I started my series with Kate, my life was fairly frantic and I was always struggling to find balance in my life – I wanted to be able to do things that were authentic or aligned to what I deeply wanted, but around my current job because I love what I do and I can’t change the nature of my work. I feel so much more balanced now because I’ve learned to say NO to things that don’t align with my values or tasks not high on my priority list. Kate’s calming, grounded, non-judgemental yet incredibly passionate personality really shines through in her coaching and I know that so many others will benefit from her gift.
— Cherry Ng

I know how busy you are, so I have a variety of coaching times to suit your needs. Please get in touch or book a complimentary consultation to see if I can help you tune in, feel renewed or transform your life.


Will coaching work for me?

If you can honestly say “I need to feel better, I need to reconnect with who I am and what I want, and I am willing to find a way to rest and renew myself, despite my busy life,” then rest and renewal coaching is for you. You need to be willing to create change and take action – I’ll be there every step of the way to help guide and support you, but this is a journey of tuning into what you know your body and life need. You’ll work on yourself and your actions in between our sessions and we will step beyond where you think you can possibly go – but we will do it together. I can’t wait to see where your coaching journey can take you.

What are you waiting for?

Improving your life using tools and strategies to keep you feeling calm and connected is what I want to share with you. Listen what other coaching clients have felt, then let’s chat.

My goal is to get you feeling rested, renewed and rejuvenated so that you can show up as the best version of yourself in your professional and personal life.

Let’s slow down together.