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I love to work with passionate, ready-to-rock their life people who are looking for more rest, renewal or energy in their every day lives. Coaching is an extraordinary exchange and a life-altering experience - I know, I've worked with coaches myself and continue to work with others to keep me moving forward towards my goals. 

I know that all of the people I work with value the cost of a series with me, and for those who cannot afford to book and pay outright, many will save in order to book a series together. These people know that the blocks  they release often allow them greater freedom to earn more money, de-clutter what they may need to in order to live a more incredible life, or embrace a life that they love and need (and that changes like that are priceless).

HOWEVER - I know that that is not the case for all of you. I know that for some, money is a real concern and many are in life situations that prohibit them from affording a coaching series with me.

I want to help you. 

I want to give you the opportunity to work with me in a probono capacity.

I want to give back to the amazing community and tribe that are creating the Renewal Revolution alongside me.

I work with two probono clients a year - starting in January and starting in July.

If you know that you desperately want change and that you want to feel more rested, renewed and full of energy but you know you can't afford my prices, even with saving - then I want to hear from you.

Please fill in the form below, answering each of the questions as honestly as you can and your application will be considered at these times.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for getting in touch.

I see you and I hear you.

Kate x

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