Kate is an amazing life coach. Before we started working together I knew I wanted something different – I had worked with business coaches before, but I needed support to create a life of balance, flow and trust. What I love about Kate is that she brings herself fully to each session. She doesn’t hold back, but also gives space - which is a hard thing to master. She cared deeply about my journey, but in a way that was empowering for me to take my own steps. She is intelligent, witty, and compassionate. As a result of working together I find myself now giving myself permission to live the life I want to and I’m more patient with my journey of self-discovery. Coaching with Kate has helped me pull back in areas that I can let go of and it’s helped me continue on the path of recovery with my disordered eating in a way that is compassion and courageous. I am more open, present and patient with my family.

Creating firmer boundaries and a deep knowing of when to say yes and when to say no, without apology, has been empowering. I feel like what I have brought forth is a deeper connection to my spirit and compassion for my journey.

I wish I could have her 24/7!!

— Mish Pope, Life Coach | www.mishpope.com