When I first connected with Kate I was struggling with finding where I fit in the world and being able to live a meaningful life that was my own and not in comparison to others. I felt negative about work and other areas of my life and wanted to live my life more meaningfully. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I could justify paying for coaching, but after the first session I knew that it was worth every cent! My friends and family have seen a big change in me since I started working with Kate. The biggest change for me has been how I view myself and the world. I have more meaning and purpose in my life outside of work and see the world and situations around me more positively.
I can’t thank you enough Kate, you have made a world of difference and I am so grateful that you helped me make so many positive changes in my life. You were so thoughtful and patient and went above and beyond what I expected of our session. I can recommend Kate to anyone! Thank you.

— Harriet Frost - Lawyer
Harriet Frost lawyer