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Inspired Women's Showcase

Jade McKenzie of Event Head and The Beautiful Business Mastermind ladies, myself included (!!) are proud to present Inspired Women 2017.

This annual event celebrates entrepreneurial women in business and features ten inspiring talks from ten gorgeous trailblazers who have an important message to share with the world.


Come and join us at The Blackman Hotel in Melbourne for a stunning morning of talks full of heart bursting passion, personal insights and gentle wisdom.



Elva Li // Maddison Vernon // Aimee Wilson // Kate Cashman (MOI!)// Mel Cook // Lisa Mitchell // Abby Lewtas // Sharyn Holmes // Justine Peacock // Olga Lukasiewicz //


With Jo Parker as MC.


This is a day not to be missed!     

TICKETS ARE STRICTLY LIMITED so please get yours today!

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I would love to connect with you in person

The Breath Between came into the world as a result of a beautiful event that I help run for women to get together and explore the connection between their body and their mind.

Now I continue to create events and memories for men and women who attend The Breath Between gatherings.

I love connecting with people – and it is during events that we meet and harness the energy of each other and the inspiration that every day people can provide us with.


Highlights of our February 2017 Body Mind and Business 'Energise' event in Salamanca, Hobart. 60 women, 5 stallholders, speakers, workshops, a Soundbath and more. It was a day of energy, inspiration, love and self-care.

Kate Cashman - events

Events are focused on rest and renewal and taking time out of your busy day to truly celebrate yourself, slow down and tune into what your body and soul needs in that moment and beyond so that you can ‘show up’ in your professional and personal lives refreshed and ready for action! See below for all upcoming events.

I can’t wait to meet you at an event soon.


How many of us go through life putting one foot in front of the other just to get through the day? I was lucky enough to attend the first of the Body Mind and Business workshops in Hobart and was blown away by the group of strong, educated and passionate women that Kate and her co-host Lauren brought together for the day. Change starts with you, and change is inevitable after walking away from this event. I left feeling uplifted and driven to nail down some goals. The level of dedication and enthusiasm that Kate demonstrated in her organisation of the event and in hosting workshops and speaking was a testament to her passion for bringing like-minded women together in a nurturing, supportive and healthy community. This girl gets what women want! I can’t wait to attend again.
— Abbey McMahon, Registered Nurse and Yoga Instructor