When I first spoke to Kate I was on the verge of dropping all the balls I juggled as a working mother – on the inside I was struggling to find work/life balance and I desperately wanted to reconnect with my family and friends and find time for me again. I didn’t want to always be ‘busy’. A new promotion at work left me feeling even more overwhelmed. What I loved about working with Kate was she was there to support me in my life outside of my workplace – she gave me a feeling that someone had my back. When I first heard of coaching I thought it was ‘wishy washy’ and not for me. But early in our series my mindset shifted completely, Kate helped me work through what I needed to in order to retrain my brain and take control of my life and create free time: I’ve booked myself ‘blank space’ and I no longer feel guilty about doing nothing at all sometimes. It also really helped with the Mum guilt!
Kate helped support me to stand up in front of 150 people at a gala event in Uluru and speak about my own motivation and inspiration and I helped others in the process – and I couldn’t have done that as well as I did without Kate’s coaching. It feels so good to be happy, less overwhelmed and more productive – at home and at work. Thank you for supporting me, being a listening ear and allowing me to focus on myself again.

— Erin Porter
Erin Porter working mum photo