I love to help people slow down.....

It could be for five minutes, a whole weekend or a lifetime.

So tell me – do you feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious?

Or calm, in control and inspired?

Either way – I’d love to hear about it and about YOU.

However you feel - it is OK. More than OK. It is never too late to slow down, breathe deeply and feel re-energised and inspired by your own life.

My role in our relationship is to help you take a breath between all those commitments you have and carry on with your full, noisy, fabulous and sometimes messy life. With a sense of calm. Of control. Of inspiration by your life outside of work.


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Kate Cashman

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I love collaborating with like-minded people so if you are interested in working together with interviews, testimonials or guest posts, email me at kate [at] katecashman.com

Kate Cashman

Please enjoy my online home. I want you to feel rested and renewed by being here – just as I feel by connecting with each and every one of you. My physical home is in the beautiful Coal River Valley wine region of Hobart, Tasmania. Let's slow down or feel re-energised by doing things that align with your vision - together.

Kate xxx


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