Before I started working with Kate I was juggling being a working mother of two and had lost a sense of where I was going and what made me feel most alive. I was lacking energy after health issues, lack of sleep and lack of purpose. I wanted to “find myself” again and find new energy and a sense of purpose. By the end of the first session I realised how good it felt to put your goals and values front and centre and make them a focus. The biggest change that I’ve seen and felt by working with Kate has been rediscovering my “why” and realising that it is still the same as it always has been, even if the outworking has evolved. I feel that now when I make decisions I can be more mindful and strategic of and with my goals, my values, and my needs. I found the series with Kate to be inspiring, rewarding and helpful and I was sad when it came to an end. Kate is fantastic to work with, and if you’ve been considering coaching I’d say go for it!
— Chontelle Cripps