5 reasons why connecting with friends should be top of your to-do list

I have the most incredible friends. People I've known forever, people I went to law school with, people I've met through my kids, people I've met through my husband and people I just randomly start talking to on the street (those of you who know me personally, know this happens quite a bit...).

How friendship transforms our energy levels

They make my soul flutter, they understand me, they listen to me, they love me. Put simply, I am incredibly blessed and time with my friends or talking to them seems to make worries disappear, stress dissipate and it reminds me of what is important - I feel a sense of renewal just in the connection I have with these special people.

In my video this week I've put together the five main reasons why I think that connecting with friends should be a top priority in your to-do list. Listen in for why. As always, I'd love to hear how your friends light up your world.

  • Positive emotions - laughter included!
  • Improving our sense of belonging - creating and feeling part of a 'tribe'
  • Providing reality checks - trust and honesty and telling it like it is!
  • Love and affection
  • Someone to share your stress/drama/trauma or burden - a burden shared is a burden halved

If your calendar is king....

If you need to schedule things to make them happen - put time with your friends in your schedule!! It may be a phone call one evening a month to friends far away, or a regular coffee date - but make time for the people you love, who love you and who make you feel like a million dollars. If you're busy and you're stressed - they don't have to be long, BUT I encourage you to do them anyway. You'll feel better and be more productive when you are working as a result. 

Enjoy those beautiful moments with your mates. You won't regret a second.

Let's slow down together.