When enough is enough: what is your body telling you?

Kate Cashman

Do you truly listen to your body when it's 'talking' to you?

Constant colds. 

Colds lasting for weeks.

Body aches and pains.

Constant tiredness.

Well - it's time to start listening! 

I have discovered over many years of NOT listening to my body and pushing through all that 'stuff' that it REALLY doesn't pay. I would stay sicker for longer and my body just didn't like me very much. I just really wasn't listening.

This week life has been a bit more hectic than in recent times (since I decided to focus on slowing down, anyway) and I was hit with a cold. Now old Kate would have charged on - but rested and renewed Kate went to ground, took herself to bed, napped during the days, drank God awful naturopathic concoctions that packed a punch and finally came out the other side - literally only 24 hours or so later.

Do you find you heal faster when you listen to your body? 

What was your turning point? I'd love to hear it!

Here's to those of you who are a little sickly - sending you get well soon wishes from down here in Tasmania.

Let's slow down together.