The importance of retreat

The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still.

Here at the Breath Between I am all about fitting rest and renewal into the nooks and crannies of your busy life - finding rituals that you can fit around all the other fantastic things that you do that you don't want to or can't give away. BUT - there is a big but here though - if you CAN get away on retreat and separate yourself from the normality of your every day routine, then you will transform your life and your relationship with yourself. 

We have launched early bird tickets to our incredible first event in the Body, Mind and Business event series - Energise 2017. Lauren Morey from Yoga Space and I are again co-hosting this series, bringing together Tasmanian women for inspiring and transformational urban 'retreats'. We rest, renew, learn, grow and support each other through workshops, guest speakers and small business stalls from local Tasmanian female business owners. Energise 2017 sees you doing yoga, sound bath meditations and two big workshops with Lauren and I and guest speaker Melody Towns, the Tasmanian Young Business Woman of the Year from Be Hers. What an incredible, jam packed event. Early bird tickets are now open for the month of December! Check it out here.

There are so many reasons why going on retreat (in any form) can be transformational, though first and foremost the reasons why I always make some form of 'retreat' a priority includes the following:

  • You are building a relationship with yourself and that improves your relationship with others as well. The quiet, the solitude - you can't help but communicate with yourself more peacefully. 
  • You are making a commitment of self-love to yourself and showing yourself that you are truly important. Self-love is truly important.
  • Connecting with nature, or even just a place that is not familiar to you or part of your daily routine. Being in nature especially allows you to be in flow. 
  • Unplug from routine and distractions, let go of 'busyness' and focusing on surrender.
  • Amazing for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.

Going on retreat does not have to be for days or weeks at a time. It may be that you can only fit a one day or half day 'retreat' into your busy life (like Energise 2017!) but just DOING it is what is so truly important. You are WORTH IT!

I hope to see you at our event in February if you are here in Tasmania and if you are not - find an event near you that allows you to go on retreat. You won't regret it.