Reduce the talking: the beauty of silence (even for extroverts!)

I talk - A LOT! 

Everyone who knows me, knows that I'm a chatter box. I'm an extrovert. The very definition of one. Me? Silent?

But as someone who has meditated since I was a teenager (on and off back then, but daily now), I have come to appreciate (and totally and utterly rely upon) silence. 

But not just in terms of meditation, but in spaces of every day life. 

Some of the benefits of practising silence (as a conscious decision - whether it's for an hour, two hours, a whole day or multiple days - you could always go 'on retreat' in your home over the course of the weekend!) including the following:

  • being satisfied with less
  • developing greater self-awareness
  • reducing stress and cortisol levels
  • improving productivity
  • reducing frustration and anxiety
  • improving focus and ability to recall information
  • allowing for greater generation of thought

If you could do with some of these things, join me for this weeks video below.

Let's slow down together.