The Rest and Renewal Research Library is now open!

It's great to be back on video!!!

I've had a couple of weeks off as my last post was a written post about Anzac Day that I found too emotional to put into video. But I'm back and I have a beautiful new space to not only film in, but a brand new space to launch for you all - packed full of free resources to help you on your rest and renewal journeys!

Welcome to the free Rest and Renewal Resource Library.

I've decided to launch the free resource library because I had lots of people who were really enjoying the free worksheets, downloads, meditations and videos that I had been sending out to my newsletter list, The Renewal Revolution, every fortnight. I check in with the group, share some rest and renewal tips and attach a free download, or free worksheet, or free mediation.

A lot of people who were on that list emailed me and asked to have access to those in the one place. I thought that was a fantastic idea!

So many of you following The Breath Between and who are part of the Renewal Revolution are busy professionals, or busy entrepreneurs and what you really needed was a place to find support that you can reach quickly and have instant access.

You don't want to be necessarily grappling through your USB or your Dropbox folder or your computer files to find the things that I've sent you to then download and use.

When you join The Renewal Revolution you get access to the Rest and Renewal Resource Library. So those resources are yours to call back on whenever you need it. You might need a "Meditation for Busy People," a reminder of a sleep ritual that you can create for yourself in five minutes or just download a reminder for your computer desktop.

Either way, you can find access to all of those resources and more each month at I'm excited to share more of these resources with you every month!


My role as a rest and renewal coach is really to support you to build rest and renewal into your busy life and the Rest and Renewal Resource Library is there to do exactly that. My vision is that it will become a one stop shop. It's most definitely not there yet, but it WILL BE. I want it to become part of your online home.

I hope that you'll join me in The Renewal Revolution, and get access to the Rest and Renewal Resource Library so that we can slow down together!