How to reframe 'routine' into 'ritual'

It's often hard for you to find time for yourself - for rest, renewal and feeling connected to who you are and how you want to feel. Powerful rituals can be transformative and they can boost your energy levels, help manage anxiety and increase your productivity every day. But most of all, they can help change the way you FEEL.

This week's video is all about changing the word 'routine' to 'ritual' and seeing how that can change the way you feel about what you do everyday. For me I feel like the shift between calling something a routine and then making it feel more indulgent and self-care focused in calling it a 'ritual' came when I realised that it was all in my intention - sending conscious intention towards whatever activity I was doing. I create rituals in my life to set me up for the day, when I need to take working breaks, even when I'm doing housework - because when I throw conscious intention behind what I'm doing, I FEEL totally different. I feel revived, or inspired, or rested and calm. You can transform even the most mundane tasks into more pleasurable activities simply by changing the intention, or adding reflection. Or you can create beautiful NEW actions and rituals to change your day or the way you feel.

Things I need to create sustainable and inspiring rituals?

  1. The right environment - eg when I first began my morning meditation and morning ritual I had to make sure the space was exactly as I felt most calm and inspired. That meant a bit of rearranging and a bit of thought into what I had in my space, and on my altar. But it meant that 'not having the place' to perform a ritual was not a reason for me not to practice that ritual at all.
  2. Finding the best time to do it - as a morning person I knew I could do with inspiration, motivation, a sense of calm and gratitude first thing in the morning (and that I fall asleep on my desk if I try to do anything at night - thanks kids), so I made sure I worked with that as the best time for me. Then I also realised that my 3pm slump needed a more energetic 'ritual' to keep me going, so I created a ritual specifically around getting up out of my chair and moving at that time. 
  3. Reminding myself that DONE is better than PERFECT. Talk about a motto for my life at the moment - reminding myself that even if I don't get the full hour for a morning ritual, that half an hour is still better than nothing. Be gentle and be kind on yourself with what you are creating - it's about making yourself feel GOOD not guilty.

Let how you feel guide all the rituals that you create in your life. Start with that - how you want to feel, and go from there. Want to feel more calm and focused? Create a ritual around meditation or reading before bed for 15 minutes per day. Want to feel more organised? Create a system for yourself that lists your top three priorities before you go to sleep and have them ready for the next day, and hit the 'big rocks' first.

If you want to live an extraordinary life - create extraordinary rituals to keep you inspired, focused, motivated and calm in different moments of your day. It is a treasured and fulfilling self-care activity.

Let's slow down together and create this energy in abundance!