Quiet parenting - why the world needs us to model down time to our children

I often found myself saying about my two year old - he's just so FRANTIC! He never slows down.

He'd race around constantly, and I'd say he was 'full of energy' and that it would be a 'blessing as an adult just harder to manage as a child' and similar phrases to help explain why I was exhausted and frazzled and he was always on the go. 

But after some amazing help from a family consultant, we felt confident to cut out a lot of the chit chat.

Here are six reasons why introducing quiet parenting into your household and your family will help you and your kids.

Six reasons why introducing some quiet parenting is important for your kids and your family

  • Good for their overall wellbeing and learning to relax
  • Important to decompress and take time to do nothing verbally - helps to reduce stress
  • Helps kids switch off and improves sleep
  • Builds resilience and going 'inward'
  • Builds their independence and free play skills
  • You are modeling how you want your children to feel comfortable too - with sound and silence

If someone like me (typical extrovert!!) can reduce the amount I talk to and at my children, then anything is possible!! Ha. It's improved the tone of our days, our time together and their independence has skyrocketed.

If we want our kids to learn how to relax, how to take life slowly sometimes and how to manage stress, then we need to model this ourselves too. It's always a battle, like anything in parenthood of course, but one that's worth battling.

Let's slow down together.