Three shifts you can make right now to overcome social media overwhelm

Disconnect with the world, and reconnect with yourself

It's often easy to feel overwhelmed by social media.

Sometimes it can make you feel physically exhausted, but mentally exhausted as well.

I realised I needed to make some changes when I felt the judgment of others creep in - and I am not a critical or judgmental person. But I'm being 100% honest in sharing that with you. I really didn't like how it was making me feel, I didn't like how it sometimes made me feel about others and I didn't like what I had felt creeping into my mind's eye.


Disconnecting and taking time away from social media is often a great approach, but if you enjoy aspects of social media and use it to connect to those overseas or even those local to you, then you want to be able to enjoy the benefits without it making you feel bad about yourself or others or physically exhausted. We live in an inter-connected and media savvy world.

In this week's video blog I've shared my three tips for how to slowly disengage with social media, or at least find patches of time where you can disconnect and feel more connected to yourself. If you don't like how scrolling social media makes you feel - emotionally or physically - but don't know how you can begin to change that feeling, then this video may have some helpful suggestions.

Watch on to find out how I am beginning to:

1. Remove the temptation and going old-school with my morning routines.

2. Using productivity timers for short, sharp periods of work followed by social media time

3. Allocate larger periods of time to connect, respond and follow my social media connections and accounts.

I hope you find them helpful and perhaps they may be of help to you too! Let me know what your top tricks and tips are, I'd love to try them on this quest to disconnect more often.