How to live an extraordinary ordinary life

“Live your most EXTRAORDINARY life”

“Life is too short to be anything short of amazing”


Pretty powerful statements, right?

Who wouldn’t want to embrace a life like that?

Except sometimes I feel like these messages are just another way for us to feel like the life we live is ordinary. Every day. Boring. Uninspired. Because we may be doing a lot of the ‘same’ thing each day – we wake up, maybe take kids to school or day care, off to work, pick up kids, dinner, a bit of Netflix (anyone else?), then bed. Maybe a few outings on a weekend, but back to do it all again on Monday.


The ‘normalcy’ of everyday life.


Do you see those quotes about living an extraordinary life and think, ‘I would LOVE to live like that, but I need to keep doing what I do because the work that I do pays my bills, I have a family life that I love but it means I can’t travel the way that I used to, or I have a mortgage and that means I can’t resign from my job that I like but don’t LOVE so I can retrain and open my dream business’?

You are not alone.

But I am here to tell you that your life IS extraordinary. Maybe not in the ‘travel all year long, work your dream business for four hours a week, live in your dream home by the water’ kind of way (although if it is - that's great too if it makes you happy!). Your life is extraordinary, in its own way.


It’s about finding the extraordinary in the normalcy of your daily life.


2017 has seen many of my clients coming to me to set goals and actions around living a more extraordinary life and feeling renewed by chasing after dreams long held or adventures yet to be lived. Big, bold dreams.

When we really get down to how someone wants to feel, most of the time it’s inspired, rested, renewed and with a sense of happiness and adventure in their life.

I am here to tell you right now – the normalcy of life can be incredibly beautiful and capture all of these things.

One of the ways to embrace the ordinary is to appreciate the beauty in normalcy.

One of the ways to embrace the ordinary is to appreciate the beauty in normalcy.


Even if you can’t resign from your job right now to take that dream course you’ve often thought of, inspiration can come from practising a beautiful morning ritual of self-love. Even if you can’t attend hour long yoga classes twice a week or week-long retreats as often as you would like, rest can come from taking small moments out to lye completely flat on the floor so that your spine is in alignment and your face and neck muscles can completely let go. Even if you don’t have the money to spend on detox treatments, renewal can come from sitting down with a list of your core values and working out how to practically bring them into your life in 2018. Even if you can’t fly half way around the world with your family to holiday in exotic locations, you can still embrace happiness and adventure by walking to the end of your garden or park and marvelling at all that you find with your kids.

There is beauty in normalcy and your ‘ordinary’ life is full of extraordinary moments.

Be sure to grab hold of them as they wander past.