How mindful walking may be your 'in' to a meditation practice

Sometimes walking for pleasure or for your health and fitness can come second to higher intensity exercise. But what if you re-frame walking so that it is also a conscious intention practice - one where you can practice mindfulness and 'meditate' while you do it?

Being acutely and amazingly aware of what is around you

It is a very different experience to walk just noticing those things around you in a way you may never have noticed before. You can smell 

This video blog explains some of the benefits of mindful walking including:

  • Movement
  • Meditation
  • Connecting with the environment
  • Breaking the mental fog
  • Slowing you down
  • Allowing you to learn about your body
  • Being present

This is a practice that requires no equipment, is totally free and it is just and wherever you are - eyes wide open!

Happy walking!