Inspiration Day - Beautiful You Coaching Academy

A day for connection. A day for new friendships and lessons learned. A day for growth. How long has it been since you have dedicated a whole day to yourself, for reasons like these? They refresh me for a long time after they end and they make me a better person, more inwardly calm and a better mother, wife and friend.

The latest of these days was Friday. My Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA) Inspiration Day in Melbourne. The BYCA has been one of my online 'homes' for the past three months as I began my life coaching certification with almost 70 other inspired souls from all over the world In May. On Friday I met many of the people that are also taking this journey with me and it was a special day spent with my beautiful coaching 'tribe.'

I bit the bullet and signed up to do my life coach training through this beautiful organisation and began in May this year. I have been doing a lot of 'work' (the best kind, though) on myself for the past few years, and self-love and self-development has always been enriching and very empowering for me. But it took me almost two years of running women's empowerment and wellness events to realise just how powerful it can be to help OTHERS clarify what they really want for their lives, how they want to feel and how they can achieve that.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

— Edith Wharton

We are half way through this life changing course. I have not regretted a minute of being brave and jumping into this with both feet. I met some of my amazing online 'tribe' at the Cullen Hotel in Prahran for six blissful hours of guest speakers, socialising, a speaking panel and inspiration. We began with Kate James, an amazing coach, speaker, author and meditation teacher who spoke to us about mindfulness in our coaching and in our daily lives ( This was followed by Melissa Ambronsini ( who helped us all with 'mastering our mean girls' and later a beautiful coaching panel with the gorgeous Jo Parker from Heart Sparks ( and Kerry Jeffery from Love Transforms ( on counselling and coaching and how as coaches we focus on moving our clients forward with beautiful, nurturing guidance. The day was hosted by our amazing trainer, the lovely Julie Parker who has been a coach for over 17 years and has so much knowledge, wisdom and passion to share with us. You can find her at

Meeting Kate James and clutching at her newest book, Be MindFul and Simplify Your Life

Meeting Kate James and clutching at her newest book, Be MindFul and Simplify Your Life


One of the biggest and most beautiful highlights was meeting the women I have connected with in our online world. These ladies have come from all works of life and have so much to give to the people of this world who are looking to enrich and develop their own lives - they are corporate women, professional women, mothers, exercise and personal training professionals, counsellors, lawyers, marketers, media experts, journalists - you name it. They inspire me because they are examples of people who have truly questioned their purpose and their passions and come up with questions and answers that perhaps took them a long way from where they were most comfortable. But this is what makes them brave, inspiring and real. They are just like me. They are just like you. They took the plunge and enrolled in this course. 

With my beautiful new friend,  Laurelle from Showing Up . One of the many inspiring women in our course this year.

With my beautiful new friend, Laurelle from Showing Up. One of the many inspiring women in our course this year.

We finish our time at the BYCA in November and from there we launch ourselves into the world as coaches.

Days like Friday remind me of why 'inspiration' is important.

Whatever you find inspiring - workshops, courses, women's circles, a cup of tea alone in a hammock, reading an amazing book - do it often. It will rejuvenate you and allow you to become the best version of yourself. This course has refreshed my zest for life - I am writing more of my PhD, spending more quality time with my family and making and achieving more of my goals that I have in years. I cannot wait to see what else is in store. 

How do you allow yourself to be inspired?

Kate xxx