5 reasons why hobbies are good for your health

I don't know about you. But when I was a kid, I heard the word hobby and thought it was daggy.

I thought of my grandmother knitting (love her to bits and loved those jumpers - always) and I never saw that as something I'd have 'time' for. I was, as the catch cry used to be 'too busy' and besides, knitting was NOT for me.

Fast forward to now and knitting and crocheting are actually super popular and I'd say pretty darn cool. These knitters were onto something! 

Knitting was still not high on my to-do list, but gradually I realised that when I was doing something totally unrelated to my work or my study I switched off. Totally. I didn't think about anything else - what I was worried about, what I had on tomorrow, what caused me stress - nothing.

I either did it purely for pleasure (yoga, creating photo books, garden design and dreaming of what we'll build in our new house!) or for my health (also for pleasure in the end - like surviving aerobics classes back in the day, but now also my amazing small group training exercise - I just need to survive it to the very end!!). I was being 'mindful' without even realising it.

Too busy for a hobby?

Hobby: an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. Sounds good doesn't it?

Feel like you're too busy for a hobby? If you feel like your stress is under control, you have free time in abundance and feel refreshed every day - maybe you can bypass this video. But if not - that's ok, these aren't the only reasons why everyone should have a hobby of some sort.

Five reasons why a hobby is good for your health

  • Happiness and enjoyment
  • Reduce stress and encourage taking a break
  • New challenge
  • Meeting new people
  • Mindfulness 

Listen in to this video for these and more on hobbies in the modern age.

Happy weekend all,

Let's slow down together.