Not just tidying: how decluttering can clear energy in your life

Declutter your space. Declutter your mind.

It's not JUST about clearing physical space.

It's about generating space energetically in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions so that we can be fully engaged. I've shared here some of the benefits of decluttering your precious spaces - and your precious mind! 

Your physical space is related to your mental space - and sometimes it helps to clear those things from your life that you need to in order to have closure, security, more joy, more love or more positivity, just to name a few.

How to declutter all areas of your life

  • Physical - go through those draws, get papers thrown, items holding you back gone and clothes you don't wear donated or given away.
  • Emotional/social - cleanse your social media of accounts or people that aren't close to you, or make you feel bad about yourself, or invoke feelings that you don't particularly like. Or if you're spending time with people that don't make you feel amazing - choose not to spend time with those people. 
  • Mental - to give yourself mental space, declutter your mind of all those random thoughts, 'ahas', 'must remembers' etc. Carry a little notebook around so you can purge all that you think of during the day, so that your mind isn't carrying those little thoughts around and filling up with unnecessary details. Then transfer from your notebook to your to-do lists, calendars, diaries, or similar!
  • Spiritual - meditate, meditate, meditate - best way to calm your monkey mind! Also try journaling (a great reason to get some beautiful stationary!) around any blocks you feel you have, or even just free writing and seeing what comes out about how you're feeling. It's a great way to connect with yourself and declutter your spirit.

Tune into the video for all the information and a hello from me.

Let's slow down (and declutter!) together,