Why should I have a coach in my corner?

I've had a few people ask me why 'coaching' is a thing, and making comments that it's too 'woo woo'. You know those comments?

Well this post gives you a bit of a background of my journey into becoming a coach.

From having confusion about where I wanted to go next and knowing I wanted to balance more than one working role in my life and not knowing how - to actually getting a coach, was a bit of a jump. My goodness do I wish I'd made that jump sooner!

I trusted that trying something new wouldn't hurt, and I realised that what I was doing wasn't giving me clarity or momentum and so I needed to do something different. Fast. I didn't like how confused I was, how exhausted I felt and how little connection there was between me and all the things I wanted to 'get done' in the coming year. I had a lot of things I wanted to get cracking on, but a lot of confusion as to how best to get there.    

So I worked with a coach on really solid changes and I also changed the way I felt. I reduced the imposter complex and feeling like I was over confident on the outside and under-confident on the inside. It was an incredibly productive and inspiring time. I was hooked.

Coaching training

I trained to be a coach and learned a solid and positive methodology for helping others with moving forward - forward towards writing books, running marathons, changing careers, getting connected to creativity and hobbies, prioritising self care - you name it. I am so grateful for the chance opportunity to do this certification and it's really built on the skills and knowledge I have from my other professional and personal life experience. 

Why should I get a rest and renewal coach?

What on earth would a rest and renewal coach bring to my life?

We have personal trainers and group trainers for our fitness and mental well-being (hopefully both come with physical exercise) but did you know a coach can also have your back emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically and emotionally?

Watch below for some reflections from me about how having a coach to help you feel renewed by your life is a winning move and why comparisons to sporting coaches can be really helpful.

It's an investment you will never regret!