Change is coming. The re-birth of Ikigai Wellness.

Kate Cashman - Change is Coming

I'm not GREAT at change once I've made decisions and meticulously planned for their implementation.

Maybe it's the Virgo in me, maybe the Type A personality, maybe the extrovert side of my personality - I don't know.

But I put in a lot of time and effort into setting myself up - for work, for business, for my to-do lists. So change can sometimes throw me.

But is avoiding change simply because you've put in time and effort into your first plan, or your current business worth it? Absolutely not!

So as we grow and as we change as people, it is inevitable that change will happen in our businesses as well. And so it is with Ikigai Wellness.

In questioning who I want to serve, and what I personally needed in order to explore my own passions and purpose I realised that I needed to rest. To restore. To renew myself first - before I could make the changes that I have. The changes that led to Ikigai Wellness being created.

So in lovingly cherishing where Ikigai Wellness has taken me and in thanking Ikigai Wellness for the start of this journey, I'm announcing the new name of my business. Take a sneak peek!

With an open heart,

Kate xxx