Awaken in 2017

That feeling of being truly open and awake and full of energy. Do you have that? Do you WANT that? Yeah. I thought so. I do too.

That's why I work with a coach - if I'm needing a burst of inspiration it'll be a once off session, if I want to work on creating my dream life I work with them for longer, but this time of year is always a beautiful one to set yourself some INTENTIONS. 

How do I want to feel?

What do I want to create for my life this year?

Where would I love to be?

This is not a 'lose 10kg and get fit' type of goal. In fact, I much prefer it being called 'intention-setting' rather than 'goal setting' because the word is so much more beautifully aligned with how I want and love to feel and from what my clients have said in the past - what you prefer too. 

So I created a special offering for you, lovely ones.

Awaken 2017

This is a 90 minute session focusing on your INTENTIONS for 2017. Together we will dig into how you want to feel, what you would LOVE to achieve in all areas of your life and what is truly most important. We will have you feeling renewed, with actions set for moving forward and two weeks of email support from me post our session together. I'm really excited to create these sessions for you at a really low price point of $99 because I know how much we need this - especially over the type of goal setting that you might have been used to in the past. 

We will dig deep and create some heart-centred intentions (but still structured for those of you who are like me and feel nurtured by that support) for your year. 

An Awaken session will have your heart on fire and your soul ignited. Let's focus on how you want to FEEL every day and get you on the road to feeling that way. 

Let's start 2017 with you feeling renewed for your life.

Jump over to the coaching page at and you can find the information there. Or email me at if you want to organise a session.

Let's truly shine a light to awaken 2017 for you and your life.

Happy new year!

Kate xxx