Do you want to be part of the movement glorifying balance over busy, with free access to a 'Rest & Renewal Resource Library' with meditations, worksheets, downloads and other resources updated every month?



The Renewal Revolution is a group of people committed to the movement of slowing down, tuning in and feeling re-energised by their busy lives.

Glorifying balance over busy.

Your access to the FREE Rest and Renewal Resource Library may be accessed above. Every month there will be new content - including updated videos, meditations, downloads and worksheets - all for free and all for members of the Renewal Revolution movement.

The Renewal Revolution and Rest and Renewal Resource Library were born out of a need to create a place of quiet contemplation in a busy world. They are here to help you feel more energised, calm and ready to take on your busy life with gusto!  

I look forward to having you join the movement too.

Let's glorify balance over busy, together. 

See you in there!



Once she stopped rushing through life, 
she was amazed how much more life she had time for.