• Kate is an amazing life coach. Before we started working together I knew I wanted something different – I had worked with business coaches before, but I needed support to create a life of balance, flow and trust. What I love about Kate is that she brings herself fully to each session. She doesn't hold back, but also gives space - which is a hard thing to master. She cared deeply about my journey, but in a way that was empowering for me to take my own steps. She is intelligent, witty, and compassionate. As a result of working together I find myself now giving myself permission to live the life I want to and I’m more patient with my journey of self-discovery. Coaching with Kate has helped me pull back in areas that I can let go of and it's helped me continue on the path of recovery with my disordered eating in a way that is compassion and courageous. I am more open, present and patient with my family. Creating firmer boundaries and a deep knowing of when to say yes and when to say no, without apology, has been empowering. I feel like what I have brought forth is a deeper connection to my spirit and compassion for my journey. I wish I could have her 24/7!!
    — Mish Pope, Life Coach |
  • When I first spoke to Kate I was on the verge of dropping all the balls I juggled as a working mother – on the inside I was struggling to find work/life balance and I desperately wanted to reconnect with my family and friends and find time for me again. I didn’t want to always be ‘busy’. What I loved about working with Kate was she was there to support me in my life outside of my workplace – she gave me a feeling that someone had my back. Kate helped support me to stand up in front of 150 people at a gala event in Uluru and speak about my own motivation and inspiration and I helped others in the process – and I couldn’t have done that as well as I did without Kate’s coaching. Thank you for supporting me, being a listening ear and allowing me to focus on MYSELF again.
    — Erin Porter
  • Before I started coaching I was feeling really overwhelmed and being so busy meant I missed out on time for connection with loved ones and my own self-care too. I had to try it - especially after having seen my wife go through amazing change after a coaching series with Kate as well. After our first session I realised just how much I needed to define and explore the issues I’d been having and I needed to explore and then connect with my core values in order to make decisions I would never regret and I would feel less stressed about. I’ve created a compass for myself and I line everything up with my values now. Coaching with Kate made me feel more peaceful in myself and inspired and I am really grateful for Kate’s non-judgmental guidance.
    — Adam Holmstrom, Architect & Landscape Architect
  • Before I started working with Kate I was juggling being a working mother of two and had lost a sense of where I was going and what made me feel most alive. I was lacking energy after health issues, lack of sleep and lack of purpose. I wanted to “find myself” again and find new energy and a sense of purpose. By the end of the first session I realised how good it felt to put your goals and values front and centre and make them a focus. The biggest change that I’ve seen and felt by working with Kate has been rediscovering my “why” and realising that it is still the same as it always has been, even if the outworking has evolved. I feel that now when I make decisions I can be more mindful and strategic of and with my goals, my values, and my needs. I found the series with Kate to be inspiring, rewarding and helpful and I was sad when it came to an end. Kate is fantastic to work with, and if you’ve been considering coaching I’d say go for it!
    — Chontelle Cripps
  • Before I began coaching with Kate I felt disconnected, uninspired and like I was ‘moving through the motions.’ Then I met Kate and I knew I had help and someone on my side to really listen to what I wanted for my life. I’ve come away with new fun ways to interact with my children and a practice that allows me to feel more balanced, connected, strong, supported, excited, inspired and grateful on a daily basis. Kate was supportive, inspiring and energizing – the coaching series was so much more illuminating than I expected. There was a life changing ‘aha’ moment during our series that I would never have connected to in the same way on my own.
    — Luarna French
  • I have always worked with sporting coaches so when I became a new Dad and life was busy I began coaching with Kate because I felt like I was in a bit of a slump and needed a ‘gee-up’ to get me going again. I soon realized though, with Kate’s help, that what I actually needed was to take the foot off the accelerator for a while. Having someone from outside your life helping you see fresh perspectives that you can’t see yourself takes you on a journey of self-reflection about your own life. I have come away with a greater focus on taking scheduled periods of rest and learning how to let my mind switch off. If you’re thinking about coaching, jump in and try it with an open mind. You might surprise yourself.
    — Peter Sullivan
  • Kate is an amazing coach. I found our sessions enlightening and inspiring, helping me find clarity and a strong sense of confidence. Kate brings all of herself to coaching: her intellect, warmth, positive nature, intuition and empathy and an uncanny ability to hone in on exactly what’s in the way of taking the next step. The clarity I received during our work together greatly helped me own my gifts and bring them into the world. I am so grateful to Kate for this inspiring, empowering and transformative experience.
    — Laurelle Wishart, Intuitive Coach |
  • I wasn’t ‘in crisis’ when I began a coaching series with Kate - I had an amazing family, a thriving business and was about to return to a corporate job that I loved. But between these things, I didn’t know how to truly nurture myself. I was dubious to begin with - but investing in myself has given me permission to slow down, appreciate what I have and strive for what I want. I have developed strategies to care for myself and I feel better able to care for others in my life. Kate was understanding, encouraging and motivating (and gentle if I needed her to be) and I could not recommend her highly enough! Coaching is truly for anyone who wants to really lean in to finding out how they want to live their life.
    — Katie Murray
  • When I first connected with Kate I was struggling with overwhelm. I was running a fitness business off the side of my full-time education role, as well as struggling with developing a network marketing business, and really wanting to move into the online space. By the end of the first session I had worked through some serious mindset blockages, I worked out a clear and focused pathway for my life, I felt capable and I began to develop the most incredible and strong foundation for my businessses. I am now far more in tune with my thoughts and belief patterns. I just feel so much more confident in my capacity and abilities and ‘at peace’ with my life. Kate was so generous in her ideas and direction, and there was never a time I felt silly or awkward discussing something with her. I'm onto my third series with her!
    — Hannah McDonald, BurnTheory, |
  • I was struggling to make decisions about my career and life, dealing with injuries and weight issues and trying to find a way to become the best version of myself when I began with Kate. I was around such positive, happy people at my gym and I wanted to find that happiness and confidence for myself too. Talking to Kate inspired to step out of my comfort zone and try coaching with an open mind. I needed help to create change. It felt amazing to have someone who I could be open and honest with and talk to without judgment. Kate has helped me let go of perfectionism and feeling the need to be ‘in control’ all the time! I feel so positive, enlightened and empowered – I have more direction in my life and I now have the ability to work out how to get where I want to go next.
    — Jessica Holmstrom
  • Before I started my series with Kate, my life was fairly frantic and I was always struggling to find balance in my life – I wanted to be able to do things in alignment with who I was but I loved my job and didn’t want that to change. I found Kate so incredibly easy-going and approachable and I instantly relaxed during our time together. Since our coaching series together I’m less agitated and overwhelmed in my everyday life but most importantly I feel more balanced because I’ve learnt to say NO to things that don’t align with my values. I’ve learnt how to be more mindful about the choices I make, how to listen to my heart and what I truly want and that has seen me decide to move from Hong Kong back to Australia. Her calming, grounded, non-judgemental yet incredibly passionate personality really shines through in her coaching and so many others will benefit from her gift of helping others.
    — Cherry Ng
  • I met Kate at one of her events when I was struggling to make decisions about my business and personal life. I felt tired all the time and needed some clarity. With Kate, I learnt to allow myself time to think only about what I wanted for my life and that helped me feel more calm and in control. Identifying my core beliefs during the series with Kate has helped me with making decisions, managing my time better and I see the importance regular self-care has on my view of the world and how I feel about it. Kate has given me skills and encouragement that I now find myself using with my family and my staff too. This experience has been phenomenal and the experience was highly beneficial, fulfilling, gratifying and literally life changing. Thank you.
    — Anita Faulkner, Massage Movement Wellbeing, |
  • When I first connected with Kate I was struggling with finding where I fit in the world and being able to live a meaningful life that was truly my own and not comparing myself to others. I felt negative about work and other areas of my life and wanted to live my life more meaningfully. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I could justify paying for coaching, but after the first session I knew that it was worth every cent! My friends and family have seen a big change in me since I started working with Kate. I can't thank you enough Kate, you have made a world of difference and I am so grateful that you helped me make so many positive changes in my life. You were so thoughtful and patient and went above and beyond what I expected of our sessions together. I can recommend Kate to anyone.
    — Harriet Frost
  • Before I worked with Kate I was not making myself a priority at all. I was worn out and stressed and I put a lot of pressure on myself. It only took the first session to truly realise that it was ok to slow down and put myself first and that I needed to be the best person I could be in order to provide for everyone else the way I wanted to. Now I am more than ok with having down time and knowing I don’t have to spread myself too thinly. I feel rested, stronger, more energetic, brighter and happier in general and I have more quality time for family and friends. Not a day goes by that I don't think of my goals and how good they make me feel. Kate, you are truly amazing! You made me feel so comfortable, helped me to set goals that I will carry with me forever and I am reaping the benefits of these every day. You have helped me to be a better version of myself and I can't thank you enough.
    — Selina Bush
  • Kate helped transform my vague 'ideas' into solid goals and then get into action to reach these goals! I couldn't have achieved so much in the past 3 months without her. I was tired of having great ideas all the time and never getting anywhere. I finally realized and admitted that I needed some help to get things done. Kate was so motivating, knowledgeable and inspiring. I trusted her and I felt safe. Thanks to Kate’s clear, rational, supportive, inspiring guidance, I feel like my whole world has shifted from somewhat confused to very focused and productive. I cannot thank you enough Kate, for helping me to direct my passion and interests toward something that is so important to me. I feel blessed.
    — Jay Chipman, Workshop Facilitator & Creator, |

Speaking & Events

  • Kate is an engaging speaker with an important message for people of all ages and stages. A consummate professional, Kate weaves parts of her own story together with evidence-based theory to highlight the importance of her message. Far from leaving audiences with a head full of facts and figures Kate also incorporates plenty of practical tips and actions to help attendees implement rest and renewal strategies into their busy lives. Whether you are organising a corporate event, team building, mums workshop or lifestyle event Kate can seamlessly tailor her message to suit each audience. I would not hesitate to recommend Kate as a speaker at your next event.
    — Jade McKenzie, Event Head |
  • Kate was engaged to facilitate an all staff meeting as well as providing a rest and renewal keynote speech for our organisation. Her communication and help leading up to the event was outstanding and she has a way of making you feel relaxed and organised on the day as well. Kate's ability to listen to an organisation’s values and use them throughout the day is fantastic. Her enthusiasm was contagious. We found her to be engaging, educative and entertaining and I would recommend Kate as a facilitator or speaker for any conference or staff meeting.
    — Kellie, WorkSafe Tasmania
  • The MyState Limited Audrey Harrington Women in Leadership Group invited Kate to run a workshop with members of the group to work on personal development - but with a twist. Many of our participants up until that point had been feeling that they were stretching themselves too thinly and trying to be everything to everyone all of the time. Kate transformed the group’s way of thinking by assisting individuals to take a more focused approach and giving them permission to consider their own needs and objectives for future development rather adopting a broad approach. Feedback from the group on the workshop has since indicated that the work done by people in the group has transcended into everything they do in their everyday life. Kate was focused and confident in her approach and she left the group feeling empowered and invigorated. MyState Limited looks forward to working with Kate more in the future.
    — Jessica Kingston, Former General Manager Human Resources & Property & Chairperson - Audrey Harrington Women in Leadership Group, MyState Ltd
  • Kate was the obvious choice for us as a speaker to help our League of Extraordinary Women members learn about how to best find balance in their busy lives. She was brilliant at helping equip every woman who attended with the right tools to begin balancing their life between work, family and personal time as soon as they walked out the door from the event. Kate taught me how I can begin to have more of a work/life balance but in a realistic way for my busy life. There were so many take home messages for me and the audience were left incredibly inspired to put all they had learnt into action.
    — Hannah Radcliffe, Francesca Collections Jewellery & League of Extraordinary Women (Hobart)|
  • I invited Kate to be a speaker at one of my women’s events. Her speech was enthralling and empowering, and in a room of 40 females there was not one person untouched by her message of rest, renewal and living a full and energised life. Kate was prepared and captivated the entire audience. If you are looking for a holistic, engaging speaker to really light up your room and tap into the personal development of your audience, Kate is the speaker for you.
    — Kirri-Lee Brazendale, Military Mumma |
  • Kate presented as a speaker to assist young women in a key point in their adolescence. She helped empower young students to learn about themselves and their passions and how to use these ideas to inform their life choices, goals, dreams and potential career paths. She was a refreshing new perspective for these students to help feel equipped to cope with the many decisions being faced at that particular point in their education. Kate taught the girls that happiness, wellbeing and balance can be achieved in multiple ways with multiple pathways and many possible outcomes. There was a lot that Kate gave to the students (and staff) and the girls were left feeling better prepared for their final years at school.
    — Lisa Seddon, Secondary Teacher
  • How many of us go through life putting one foot in front of the other just to get through the day? I was lucky enough to attend the first of the Body Mind and Business workshops in Hobart and was blown away by the group of strong, educated and passionate women that Kate and her co-host Lauren brought together for the day. Change starts with you, and change is inevitable after walking away from this event. I left feeling uplifted and driven. The level of dedication and enthusiasm that Kate demonstrated in her organisation of the event and in hosting workshops and speaking was a testament to her passion for bringing like-minded people together in a nurturing, supportive and healthy community. This girl gets what women want! I can’t wait to attend again.
    — Abbey McMahon, Registered Nurse & Yoga Instructor
  • A friend invited me to go to the Body Mind and Business workshop with her, and as a mum of two little babes I went along hopeful for nothing more than a few hours of ‘me’ time. I certainly didn’t expect the richly rewarding experience I feel privileged to have enjoyed that day! My eyes were opened to a community of supportive, generous, like-minded women that I had no idea existed. Kate and her co-host Lauren brought us together and I learnt so much from the other women there too. Through the workshops I was able to acknowledge my yearning to change direction professionally, and set goals and a plan to make this happen. I went home feeling inspired, motivated, courageous and fulfilled. I have attended three BMB events thus far and they have all been different, all been inspiring and all been so valuable to me personally. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the next one.
    — Erin van Nieuwkuyk, Arbonne Independent Consultant